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Dear Readers,

Does your business really need an “innovative” applications approach to IP telephony for your enterprise, contact center or both?

Interactive Intelligence took such an approach in 1994 when it developed a multi-channel software platform for unified communications. Then they integrated standards-based IP telephony applications to process phone calls, faxes, e-mails and Web interactions, in one solution for contact centers, business users, remote workers and superior customer service.

Sure, industry studies and numerous product awards substantiate the innovation from Interactive Intelligence. So do the company’s thousands of customers worldwide. But do you actually base your business communications decisions on facts, awards, experience, and customer satisfaction?

We’ve formed our Coalition Against Innovation to combat Interactive Intelligence’s thought leadership that adaptable software is better than multi-point hardware systems and outmoded technology. They must be kidding!

Consider. Most legacy vendors have acquired products to meet your needs. They also provide the required forklift upgrades. Interactive Intelligence instead promotes R&D spending and a growing product “suite,” but offers nothing close to the traditional systems that have served businesses the last 30 years.

We say innovation isn’t always better. Our Coalition therefore is determined to stop what Interactive Intelligence is doing to businesses and IT staffs worldwide.

  • Reducing IT manpower, as well as costs, complexity and headaches
  • Making agents and business users more effective, and accountable
  • Allowing workers to work from anywhere and everywhere
  • Enabling presence management—in real-time, no less
  • Equipping remote agents, even from home
  • Interrupting our golf games

More importantly — and what our campaign is truly about — is keeping businesses from being persuaded by the “deliberate innovation” Interactive Intelligence offers over legacy vendors and box after box of hardware.

So join our Coalition by NOT visiting www.inin.com and reading the innovation benefits summaries for Contact Center Managers, CFOs, IT Chiefs, and Partners.

Please, Stop the Innovation now!


Rich L. Egacy
Coalition Against Innovation

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